Kenneth E. Behring’s Visits The Zhejiang Museum of Natural History

The Global Health & Education fully acknowledges education is an essential aspect in building a better, greener, global future. Besides parental guidance, children go to school and make new friends. Teachers are doing their very best to let the young bright minds flourish. Learning inside the classroom is an important part of young students’ life. But education cannot solely be found inside the classroom; students should be challenged to get outdoors. Global Natural History Day provides an international platform to achieve this and get students explore the environment.

However, the work of the Global Health & Education Foundation does not stop here. The Global Health & Education Foundation (GHEF) is focused at using various ways to develop new leaders and provide excellent education. Therefore it develops sustainable partnerships with museums, especially those which not only display but engage visitors in the beauty of the natural world.

On March 5, 2014 founder and president of the Global Health & Education Foundation Mr. Kenneth E. Behring visited the Zhejiang Museum of Natural History. He met with Ms Ge Huijun, a regional official of Zhejiang Province, and walked through the museum. In order to build a better future and develop education, Mr. Behring discussed future cooperation of the GHEF with the Zhejiang Museum of Natural History.

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