The 2nd Annual Global Natural History Day (GNHD)

The 2nd Annual Global Natural History Day (GNHD) competition will officially start in April 2013. This year’s theme is ‘Great Migrations: Animal, Botanical, Anthropological.’ GNHD is free to enter and open to any student between grades 2 to 10. If you know any eligible student or teacher, please encourage them to participate by registering on our website. GNHD is a highly academic and dynamic program that takes students and teachers out of the classroom and into the world by looking for primary sources (biologists, anthropologists, researchers) to assist in the research of a chosen topic.

This year GNHD will expand across China and in the United States of America. In addition to new cash prizes for this year’s contest, winners of their respective divisions will be eligible for the ‘Kenneth E. Behring Discovery Trip’ in February 2014, which will take winning students and teachers on an all-exclusive 10-day private safari tour of South Africa, operated by Educational Trailblazers. Explore more at:


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