First Global Natural History Day Hong Kong Finals

GNHD Hong Kong Finals 2014

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The 2014 Global Natural History Day Semifinal took place at Hong Kong Science Museum (HKSM) where two dozen students shared their in-depth research with peers, families, friends and educational specialist as well as a panel of four judges. Enthusiastic participants arrived early in the morning to set up their exhibits and rehearsed performances on stage. The event officially started at 1:30PM with the welcoming statement from the event’s organizers the Earth Rescue Team and GHEF (The Global Health & Education Foundation).

Judging began shortly after the participants shook off their nervousness and stress in the opening session. The teams presented various topics from the mascot of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, to the water use in Hong Kong, to the use of foam board, and the adaptability of the salamander. Participants presented their research, what they have learned and discovered to our four qualified judges- Professor Roberto Bruzzone (Hong Kong University-Pasteur Research Pole), Andy Tse (Managing Director at AIF Capital), Eddie Ng (Curator at the HKSM) and Peter Lee (Director of the Earth Rescue Team). After the presentation, the judges provided feedback through questions regarding the research’s use of primary sources and its success in raising awareness about future protection of the environment. The judges and audience were so impressed by the students’ careful and dedicated answers.

Naturally, the judges had a difficult time in deciding the first prize winner from these high-level entries. Eventually it was agreed that all the teams’ performances have earned the opportunity to compete in the Global Finals. The first prize was awarded to the best performing team consisted of Ashley Lo Fong Jing and Chee Kiu Sik coached by HKUGA College teacher Benson Ping Sum Kwan and they won two tickets to travel to Chongqing, sponsored by Hong Kong Airlines.

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